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  • Phase 1 | Early Bird Tickets | R600 | SOLD OUT
  • Phase 2 | General Presale Tickets | R750.
  • Phase 3 | Door Tickets| R950.
  • Only full weekend pass tickets available: no single day passes.
  • Camping included in ticket.

TICKET TERMS OF PURCHASE: By purchasing this ticket you understand that Psych Night Productions (PTY) Ltd (herein after referred to as “PN”) accepts no liability for any loss, damage or theft suffered by you during the staging of Endless Daze (herein after referred to as “the Event”), at the Event or during transportation to or from the Event. PN will endeavour, to the best of its ability, to provide a safe and secure space during the Event; however, you indemnify and hold PN, its sub- contractors or agents harmless for any damages, injury or death that may arise howsoever or whenever, that may be suffered by you, caused as a result of any or omission on the part of PN or in any way related to organising of the Event. For the sake of clarity, you accept that the purchase of this ticket and your attendance of the Event are entirely at your own risk. You also agree to adhere to all the rules and regulations set out in publicly available information of the Event, namely: no firearms or weapons, no use or purchase of illegal substances, no illegal activities, no glass brought to the Event, no open fires or open-element heating sources, no swimming under the influence of any substances, no swimming after sunset and in no way jeopardise the health and enjoyment of other attendees at the Event. You accept that the breach of any of these rules may result in your forced removal from the Event without warning, and you indemnify PN against any claim of damages or financial loss caused to you by this. You understand that the loss of this ticket my result in you being denied entrance to the Event.