Yak (UK)

London-based Yak released their brilliant second full-length album Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness in February this year through Virgin EMI and Third Man Records. The trio – known for their exhilarating live shows – are currently on the road touring their new album.

There’s always been an element of chaos to Yak and it’s an approach that they took to a new level with their second album ‘Pursuit of Momentary Happiness’. The creation of the album saw frontman Oli Burslem stand on the precipice between obsession and self-destruction.

The result is a rare white-knuckle ride of an album in which his extreme commitment pulsates through every moment – much like Spiritualized’s ’Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ and Tame Impala’s ’Innerspeaker’, both of whose creators had a part to play in its genesis – ranging from the gonzo-fuzz chaos of tracks like ‘White Male Carnivore’ and ‘Bellyache’ through to the Roy Orbison-inspired heartbreak of ‘Words Fail Me’.