Them Fads

Out with the old, in with the…

Illusions. Chase it before it’s gone! Get it while it’s hot!

Whether you’re first in line or fit into the crowd, it’s all the same nothingness. Look around and try to ignore it. Look in the mirror and ask yourself why. Inspired by both the question and the answer, we simply observe the hype. We pick up the vibes. We pick up our instruments. Then, we pick apart what’s cool to find what’s true.

The concept that formed the name of the band surpassed mere observations to an unified consciousness that is ultimately the sum of its parts. Heino stirs the pot with esoteric expressions while holding down primeval rhythms for Kayla’s angelic harmonies and hypnotic heart beats, with Des and Mike connecting infinite dimensions with euphonious string arrangements and expansive vocal utterances.

These qualities have manifested itself in the form of Them Fads, a four-piece psychedelic garage rock band from Cape Town, South Africa. Take a trip with us.