The Loose Ends

The Loose Ends have been playing in and around Cape Town for over two years now. Along the way they’ve finely honed their craft. With their heady mix of intergalactic psychedelia and pounding riffage, they are a band that is as equally likely to ponder on the passing of time and the celestial orgy that is space as they are to sing about systematic oppression or just being plain broke. There’s a lot going

on here, is what we’re saying.

Keep your eyes peeled for their first ever EP, which is just around the corner.

Their unconventional song structures and stylistic switch ups mean you never know if you’ll get some achingly beautiful guitar melodies, or a mic stand kicked to the floor as the band decides to blow writhe out with some fuzzy punk bliss.

You’ll dig these cats if you’re into things like: Oh Sees, King Gizzard, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Mort Garresion, Hundred Visions, Tommy Guerrero, The Gories, The Dirtbombs, White Denim, Tim Presley, White Fence and Heaters.