The Gluts (IT)

The Milan based post-punk band, without doubt one of the loudest and most extreme of the Italian scene, is going to release their first live album for the London-based label Fuzz Club Records, an international cornerstone of the noise-punk/psychedelic music scene.

The band is now putting together new gigs in summer festivals to support DENGUE FEVER HYPNOTIC TRIP before playing for the second time at the prestigious new-born fuzz Club Eindhoven festival

The band recorded a new full length, entitled DENGUE FEVER HYPNOTIC TRIP (out on 12th April). It was recorded with Dutch producer Bob de Wit (Gnod, A Place To Bury Strangers) at La Sauna recording studio in Varano Borghi, northern Italy, Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip is The Gluts’ most challenging but determined record yet. Declaring its intentions from the off, the first two tracks, ‘E. The Real Punk Rocker’ and ‘True Rose’, are grimacing noise-rock scorchers that break down into thick walls of razor-sharp guitar noise, screeching electronics and barking vocals. Similarly, ‘Leviathan’ sees a churning humdrum riff slowly churn underneath Nicolò J. Campana’s tortured vocals, gradually building up into an inevitably tinnitus-inducing crescendo. Despite their sonic belligerence, the band are still attuned to the odd melody, albeit one naturally hypnotic and cloaked in reverb: ‘Swamp’ and the 11-minute ‘Dalal’s Song’ deal in a visceral, shoegaze-y post-punk sound that drifts into dreamier territories, the latter seeing Claudia’s mesmerising vocals bring a brief almost-mystical respite from the all-out noise that’s always around the corner. True to form, the penultimate cut ‘De Witte Jager’ is a mechanical synth-punk nightmare soundtracked by a robotic spoken-word monologue and album-closer ‘J. Will Fuck You Now’ is a piece of unadulterated lo-fi noise-rock that sees the album off with your ears ringing.

DENGUE FEVER HYPNOTIC TRIP has followed the FUZZ CLUB SESSION (N.10) and will be the third LP that comes after ESTASI an album published by Fuzz Club Records two years ago, that pulls punches without excitation, straight to the face. Multi-faceted, powerful, rough, intense, intrinsically defining the essence of the quartet: the urgency of excess. Bristling with the same tension of the previous album WARSAW, published in 2014 for the German label Nasoni Records, but with a new more defined shape.

In the couple of years leading up to the new record, the band have been playing packed out shows across the UK and Europe, picking up a formidable reputation for their intense, deafening but fun-as-hell live show. This new album sees them encompass all of that across a seven-track noise-rock masterclass that can be a challenging but always-rewarding listen. This is the sound of a band on top form.

The Gluts is comprised of Nicolò J. Campana (vocals), Marco Campana (guitar), Claudia Cesana (bass) and Dario Bassi (drums).