Msaki is a singer-songwriter from South Africa, and one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent years.

Describing her style as ‘indie afro folk’, she has a unique and distinctive identity – drawing deeply from her rich Xhosa tradition she delicately weaves global elements into her music…offering an authentically fresh new sound!

With profound compositions and an exquisite voice, Msaki plays guitar and sings: “songs of love, loss, hope, land, blood and ’brokenness’… songs of finding truth and light even when there is no justice”.

Msaki is currently touring Europe and will be performing in eight countries with her quartet: Asher Gamedze on drums | percussion, Robin Fassie Kock on trumpet and Shakeel Sohail-Gibran Cullis on bass.

Besides sharing her artistry and promoting her groundbreaking album, ‘Zaneliza: How the Water Moves’; Msaki is also using this experience to expand her expression and further explore innovative transitions between sounds…asking “new questions sonically and spiritually’.

“Coming from South Africa, Msaki is truly a musical treasure…she is a rare talent with a magical sound that needs to be shared with the world!”

– Nicky Blumenfeld [Producer-presenter of ’The World show’ on Kaya FM95.9]