Jenny Dison, a long time member of Bye Beneco, merged her sound with some of South Africa’s most left field producers and talented musicians, Alex Leeu, Thor Rixon, Tshepang Ramoba and Struan Watt. Each of them coming from different backgrounds in music. The group does not adhere to one genre. You can hear influences of electronica, alternative, psych-rock, disco,house, afro-beat, and funk in the music.

This is a growing project that thrives off mixing electronic beats with live instrumentation, creating a distinctive feel. LUMA is known for its collaborations which further encourages their experimental elements.

“If you’re tuned into the Jo’burg music scene, the name Jenny Dison shouldn’t sound unfamiliar to you. Most notably, she’s a former member of gypsy-folk band Bye Beneco, but she’s also appeared at various other gigs performing for a range of different acts that include Sol Gems, Josh Kempen, Thor Rixon and more. Jenny’s ethereal voice laid over melodic beats makes for a captivating combination in her debut EP. Numerous producers have contributed to actualising her vision (Alex Leeu, Thsepang Ramoba and Thor Rixon) While her lyrics are often sombre, she enjoys the juxtaposition that occurs when sad lyrics are set against a dance beat. Now, on the brink of launching her solo career, she’s poised to make a distinct mark on the local music scene.” (Between 10 and 5 article 15 November 2016)