Luh’ra is a singer/songwriter based in Cape Town. Accompanied by her golden guitar, the best way to describe her music would be acoustic soul. She takes careful consideration to transform spaces through tranquil melodies, sharing personal feelings and moments through her lyrics, encouraging listeners to reflect on their own experiences. Luh’ra has been avidly sharing her music for around two years. An important part of engaging with Luh’ra’s music is space. Find her singing in the aquarium, galleries, plant shops or boutique stores – you name it. If it’s a special and calming space, Luh’ra will find a way to share her music there.

Early 2019 the artist completed a nationwide tour Concerts SA to promote her debut EP, Luh’ra Luv which is available on all streaming platforms. The project was true to the style in which Luh’ra chooses to present her music – collaborating to create an audio-visual body of work. She spends time creating and curating her own events. Her events are often in collaboration with other artists and musicians, paying careful attention to aesthetic details, allowing spectators to gently enter her world.

‘She’ll take you on her missions or leave you with your dreams…’ – Celeste Jacobs, Redbull