Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys

Lucy has been writing songs with her guitar since she was sixteen. When she was 23 she moved to Cape Town and began to work with her band, The Lost Boys. It was with them that she was able to expand her sonic vocabulary. To stretch the songs into something that more fully portrayed the initial and intimate experience. It gave her a new way to think about writing and performing. To reach further on either side of the spectrum of dark and light. Her bandmates include Andre Leo (Medicine Boy), Lucas Swart (Dangerfields), Calvin Siderfin (Dangerfields) and Werner von Waltsleben (Medicine Boy).

Last year The Lost Boys released their first full length album, ’Summer’s Not That Simple’ through Permanent Record. The album has been described as a psychedelic, traditional folk and dark pop road trip, ‘…an evocative conversation between Lucy Kruger and wave of guitars that reach out to meet her pensive voice.’

This will be Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys first Pysch Night performance.