Hello Beautiful

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HELLO BEAUTIFUL, the pseudonym used by Pretoria-based producer, Matthieu Auriacombe) for his electronic project. Matthieu, who started out in the music industry as guitarist for Pity The Fool during his high school and college years, is also known for his role at bassist for Beach Party and Kidofdoom.

Although he started out as a guitarist, he has always had an interest in drums and bass, which evolved into a love for electronic instruments, synths and production. Thus, HELLO BEAUTIFUL was born and officially launched in October 2013 with the release of a 5-track EP entitled SUPERNOVA LOVE, which features collaborations with some of his favourite vocalists and friends, the likes of Laudo Liebenberg from aKing, Peach van Pletzen from Yesterday’s Pupil and Bittereinder, Wim Jansen van Rensburg from Pity The Fool, Danielle Hitchcock and David Gabriel Thorpe.

His self titled debut album followed in November 2014. He composed, recorded and programmed the songs from the album in his own studio, whilst recording the vocals at Phillip Kramer and Fred den Hartog’s studios respectively. Final mixing and mastering of the album were done by Peach van Pletzen.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL, the album, features three collaborations with other artists as vocalists on the album: Harmony Boucher from Vuvuvultures features on ‘Hello Beautiful’, Andrew Davenport from aKing and Thieve features on ‘Us’ and Nicholas Preen from Al Bairre features on ‘I’ll Be The Boy’.

His second EP, LEFTOVER DREAMS, was released in September 2016. The EP, features two collaborations with other artists as vocalists on the ep: Alastair Thomas from Shortstraw features on If You Love Me Back and Louise Parker from Academie features on Structures

HELLO BEAUTIFUL LIVE SHOW, in 2016 Matthieu teamed up with his brother Johan to curate a live show that involved more instrumentation. The concept was originally initiated by Jaco van der Merwe (Bittereinder) who wanted to book the band to do a live

show at Wêreld. The brothers then also teamed up with Ben Rausch who does the visuals and at a later stage Wim Jansen Van Rensburg (Jetson Belle) also joined the band playing guitar, strings and synthesizer.