Ex Olympic

Ex Olympic is music made by one person (Nic) using many instruments, harmoniously layering them together. Like music, haha.

When pressed by his agent to brief me, this is what he said:

“Hi Johan! I want to point you in the right direction and had to consult with Aaron about what that is, as I’m not really sure what it needs to communicate exactly. So as an exercise he asked me to just jot down some stuff that I think ex olympic is. Here it is!

Ex Olympic is:

– a dark comedy
– a big grown up
– maybe a bit depressed, but not in a totally depressing way
– singing!
– an exfoliant more than nourishing balm
– like spring cleaning
– bashful, but also flirty
– having fun!
– sort of salty
– ultimately music

Aaron suggested we run with this, but I’m still sort of keen on a traditional bio in a way. But his thinking is also that we should use that little semi-cryptic list and populate each bullet with a hyperlink to an image. And he suggested that perhaps we pivot the bio in that direction… I’m not sure though – what do you think? Do you feel this little list could give you more clarity on the tone we’re after? It’s a bit more irreverent than what you went for, and a little bit less serious and earnest and reflective, while still being fairly ‘open cards’.”

I agree!