A.S. Fanning​ (IE)

A.S. Fanning​ is a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. ​Fanning’s songs are often lyrically driven, taking inspiration from Irish literary tradition and folk music as well as from 60s psychedelia and gothic rock n roll.
His first release was ​‘Carmelita’​ on 7-inch vinyl in late 2015. Since then he has been touring throughout Europe and further afield.​ ​He made his US debut at South by Southwest in March 2017 and his debut album, the self-produced ​‘Second Life’​, was released in October on ​Proper Octopus Records​, with The 405 calling it ​‘an emotional joy ride with songs of devotion and endured heartache…8/10’​.
Recorded mostly in his adopted city of Berlin, the album deals with themes of death, loss, emigration, and transition. Musically it employs a variety of acoustic and electronic elements to create a rich foundation for Fanning’s trademark baritone vocals and eloquently dark lyricism.

As a multi-instrumentalist he has played with acts such as Dublin troubadour The Mighty Stef, Berlin Industrial Electro outfit Suzies Ashes, and Irish songstress Candice Gordon, most recently producing and playing on Gordon’s debut LP, ‘Garden of Beasts’ [released September 2017], as well as co-producing singer-songwriter Louis Brennan’s album ‘Dead Capital’ [released February 2018].

A.S. Fanning toured mainland Europe in the first half of 2018 and is recording a follow-up LP this Summer with plans for release in early 2019.