About Us

Endless Daze Festival is the brainchild of Psych Night, a group of five like- minded music lovers from Cape Town, South Africa.

Since 2012 Psych Night, in close collaboration with Vans, has provided a platform for South African and international bands to showcase their wild and wonderful sounds to audiences around the country. Synonymous with a unique and immersive experience, with high quality production, these shows have become not-to-be-missed events!

Psych Night has grown in maturity over the five successful international artist tours, namely: Night Beats (2013), Golden Animals (2014), Allah-Las (2015), The Black Lips (2015), Froth (2016) and The KVB (2016). Off the back of a critically acclaimed unveiling in 2016, the second Endless Daze is set to be another incredible experience of local and international entertainment, proudly brought to in partnership with Vans South Africa.

Psych Night

Photograph by Dirk Steenkamp, at The Eye, 2015