About Us


Psych Night emerged as a passion project of five friends in Cape Town brought together by the love of music, and the desire to foster a new and inclusive alternative music culture in South Africa. Psych Night started hosting small-scale events in 2012, which quickly grew into being able to tour their first international act in South Africa. Over the years Psych Night debuted the Cape Town Inner City Fest; and in 2016 it launched Endless Daze Festival, the first foray into the outdoor music world. With Vans South Africa onboard as partners and a growing pool of technical resources, the group has successfully toured 15 international acts through South Africa, namely: Night Beats (2013), Golden Animals (2014), Allah-Las (2015), The Black Lips (2015), Froth (2016), The KVB (2016), The Sun Flowers (2017), Moon Duo (2017), Thee Oh Sees (2017), Nonn (2018), Dead Meadow (2018), Candice Gordon (2018), A.S Fanning (2018), W.I.T.C.H (2018) and A Place To Bury Strangers (2018).

Psych Night

Photograph by Dirk Steenkamp, at The Eye, 2015